Friday, February 6, 2009

It's gettin' hot in herrrrre

I am currently swilling champagne (OK, sparkling Bimbadgen Semillon) , with a Thai home delivery on the way (Thai beef salad for me). The Bloke is watching the cricket and it's a Friday night. Oh wait, he's swapped over to Central Coast Mariners v Queensland Roar (Aussie soccer - you can take the Bloke out of England, but you can't take England out of the Bloke).

Apparently NSW is going to be the hottest place on earth this weekend with temperatures of over 47 degC predicted. Oh my holy god. I'm sweating already. Kitty Smalls is lying prostrate on the floor. Imagine a coat of fur in this weather. Poor kitty.
Tomorrow we're looking at a few house (between 12 and 12:30 of course!) and meeting a friend of the Bloke's parents who, in her late 60s, is travelling Australia by herself and staying in youth hostels. Good on her!

But I reckon it's a weekend for staying inside, blinds drawn and air-con (if you have any) on!


  1. Sparkling semillon?

    Eeyyew. I'm sorry - that sounds nasty.

  2. Hope you find a with air con!

    47C? That's brutal. Stay cool, drink fluids...make sure KS has plenty o' fresh water, too...none of that cheap champers!

  3. Make a fridge tent, a la Homer Simpson. Kittehs are surprisingly adaptable to heat, they just find the nearest cold surface & spread out! Ours tends to favour the bottom of the (empty) spa

  4. -6 here this weekend and more snow predicted. cat hunting for us this weekend we are looking to adopt!

  5. I think TT is on the money here - empty out the fridge and hang a snorkel out the door! Good luck with the house hunt.

  6. Flint: It's actually not too bad... And I'm fairly fussy when it comes to drinks.

    Scrib: Went for a dip in the harbour yesterday - just what I needed!

    Tray: Fridge tent! Love it. KS stays underneath the bushes in the back garden where it's cool and damp on days like this. Smart kitty.

    Stu: I wish! Hey, so your wife finally got her way re getting a cat!

    Lerm: Ta.

  7. Please send my condolences to the Bloke. We in the West Indies are just as surprised that the WI cricket team beat the Brits. And I did not realise I was not a follower until just now - so I had been missing all the Kimmy updates. I am on board now!