Monday, May 4, 2009

In case of emergency .... Zzzzzz

In the interests of scientific experimentation, I took a sleeping tablet last night.

I got a prescription the other day just in case I can't sleep on the plane. It's a 23 hour journey, so I'd like to have a back up plan if I can't sleep! I thought I'd better test out the medication first - the last thing you need on a plane trip is an allergic reaction.

I was prescribed temazapan? Diazapam? In any case, it produces a big result for a little tablet! I was mega relaxed this morning!

Late for work? Doesn't matter!

Can't find my watch? Doesn't matter.

It was aaaaaaaallll good! The cycle into work was interesting....

My body fought the medication at first though, which was interesting and probably tells me that I'm a total control freak.


  1. Washing them down with some booze works great on the Sing-Lon stretch. Have a great hol - I'm v jealous

  2. Ahhhhh Temazzies.... a fatigued flight attendant's best friend on minimum rest layovers!!!

  3. If it blocks the pain of the flight and any kids around then you need to takethem, me I just stay awake to enjoy the experience of I mad!

  4. Lerm: You sound like my husband....

    Tray: I'm sure!

    Stu: Not mad, just, strange!

  5. Erm, of course, I never said that!