Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Day in Windsor

I'm currently in Manchester (hi Stu!) and will probably not get to the internet much as we're off to the Lake District tomorrow for a week. The cottages we're staying in don't really do wireless!

I'm trying to update as much as possible, but it's hard when you're constantly on the move.

So... on Monday, my sister's fiance drove us to Slough to pick up our hire car. There's really not much you can say about Slough. It's where The Office was set. Our hire car is a Peugeot 307, who we've nicknamed Brutus:

After depositing the car back at my sister's house, we walked into Windsor with the intention of visiting the castle. It was great timing as we came across the changing of the guards parade on the way:

We followed them to the castle (we had a vague notion that they would know the way!)and watched the changing of the guards. Unfortunately the section where the ceremony was taking place was being renovated, so the changing of the guards occurred outside a port-a-cabin. Very posh!

Windsor castle was still crowded with tourists even for a Monday. I liked the garden in the moat, and Henry VIII's fat suit of armour. Man, he was a tub-ster.

Walked over to Eaton and looked at the school. We found a pub and had the worst meal we've had in England yet!

One observation: I can’t believe the current fashion for women in their teens and 20s is skinny jeans tucked into Ugg boots. They’re all bogans!

Next installment: Stratford-upon-Avon via Oxford University.


  1. Oh babe...short skirts and uggies seem all the rage around here at the moment...gotta keep those feet warm even if your fanny has frozen off!

  2. Lol, I love how the word fanny has a totally different meaning in other countries. Endless hours of amusement in year 3 from our American exchange teacher!!!

    Brutus... cute. Any reason for that one?

    I bet everyone tries to make the guards laugh, they must get so sick of it.