Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work - With Supervision

The Bloke and I have a lovely dining table and with recycled wooden benches. However, the benches aren't really good for sitting at for long periods of time.

So on the weekend, I bought two dark brown leather chairs from a furniture seconds store.

I had several sales people say to me:

"You do know that you'll have to assemble those chairs yourself, don't you?"

What? Did I look completely incompetent? Did they not realise that they were talking to a woman who had assembled a 6-burner BBQ, a queen sized bed and soldered together the TV and stereos' cables in order to get surround sound? HA!

It all went fairly smoothly at first. Unpack chairs from box:

Screw in the base of the chair to the back and legs of the chair, then screw the front legs to the base of the chair:

And there you have two chairs!

With supervision of course! However, the second chair proved harder than the first to put together. The screws wouldn't go in the whole way. I think the holes hadn't been drilled properly at the factory. I guess that's why they were so cheap.

So it's a bit wobbly. Let's hope that nobody large sits on that particular chair!


  1. You did a better job then I would have!

  2. At what stage did the bloke take over.....(ducking head and moving away!)

  3. Lerm: Thanks Lermy!

    Stu: Only right at the end when I was trying to tighten the screws on the second chair - just to check that it wasn't only me who couldn't tighten them. And it wasn't just me! He couldn't do it either!