Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hot, Hot, HOT

Sydney has been baking in temperatures of 35 degC for the last few days with even hotter temperatures in Western Sydney. And when it's that hot, you can expect thunderstorms.

I cycled home yesterday beating the storm by minutes and raced to pull the clothes off the line. The storms don't make things cooler. In fact, it sometimes feels hotter after the storm because it becomes more humid.

And the storms tend to knock out our satellite TV, meaning I actually have to talk to the Bloke instead....

With a hot, westerly wind, like there was today, it's like cycling in a fan-forced oven.

Maybe I should do what the doggies in the park do and take a dive in the harbour. I saw a border collie yesterday galloping along the path with a big stick in his mouth and shedding sheets of water. He was as happy as a pig in mud.

Another thunderstorm is expected tonight, but this time bringing slightly cooler temperatures with a maximum of 29 degC expected tomorrow. That I can deal with.


  1. I know what you mean, it's the humidity that gets me, not the heat. I've worked up north, heat is a piece of cake. It's that 'breathing in water' feeling that I hate!

  2. ...makes me wonder about all the people who told me I was mad for moving to Tasmania when I did.

    22 degrees today, and gently rainy. Tomorrow will be clear, probably top out at about 24.

    Good luck with that thunderstorm.

  3. Melbourne hasn't been much better, but Sydney's humidity BLAAH. Tried it and didn't like it, glad you beat the storm.

  4. The beauty of lantanaland is the arvo breeze, every day. I was up in brisbane for a 30th and was waiting for it to kick in, but noooo, so i cooled down the beer way.

  5. Tray: Yep - dry heat is all good, humidity suck. And is bad for your hair!

    Flint: I know a couple who are moving to Tassie because of the weather there. They hate the heat in Sydney.

    Bangarr: Melbourne is 4 seasons in 1 day!

    Besso: The beer way is often the best way :)

  6. Liked your comment to Bangarr, but over here we have five seasons in a day! Not seen the sun in such a long time it has just been cold since July as we spent August in your land down under.
    As you can see I am back :-)