Friday, January 2, 2009

Post Christmas Sales

Every Boxing Day, I used to trek in for the post Christmas sales. I'd wake up early on Boxing Day, catch the bus in and be done with my shopping within 1-2 hours.

Now that I'm older and wiser (and work in the city and have to deal with the crowds every day) I find it too painful to do.

So this year my post Christmas sales shopping consisted of me going to my local direct factory outlet and getting some nice tops, a bbq cover for our new four burner beefmaster (BEEFMASTER!) bbq, a lovely Oroton handbag:

and a new sunlounger for the back yard. Strangely the sunlounger was instantly acquired by Kitty Smalls:

Usually her favourite spot is to be wrapped around the ficus, her weight slowly compressing the soil and exposing the roots:
But she's very pleased with the new sunlounger! Well, that makes two of us.


  1. Good heavens, Kim...imagine if KS had commandeered the BEEFMASTER!

    You would have had no recourse but to cook her, and I don't know if ficus is considered an actual tasty herb....

    You came lucky, I'd say!

  2. Scrib, she does sleep under the BEEFMASTER (!), but generally shuns it for the ficus.

  3. Omg soooooo cute. Funny how they find the nearest comfy surface and comandeer it. Kitteh did the same with the bottom of the xmas tree :p