Monday, January 12, 2009

Tackle Obsession

Why is it that nearly all things related to hen's night (bachelorette parties for our US cousins) are penile related?!!!

I am organising a hen's night for a good friend and, in the ritual tradition of humiliation which must accompany every bride-to-be, have bought:
1) a veil and tiara with "bride to be" emblazoned across it in pink and
2) a garter as below

Relatively modest these days I know, but just about everything else (apart from some sashes), was penis related!

Surely the majority of people in Australia who are getting married are no longer virgins when they walk down the aisle.

So why is it all about the male bits?! This is a girls' night out and is a time for girls to be girls. It's not all about the boys and thier nether regions.


  1. Hi, glad I found you (I know I don't call in as much as I should). Ok Burger get together on the 5th Feb (check at the Burger, Chaz's, Guru Bob or my blogs) all welcome. JS is reborn (we'll see). Take care and welcome to Melbourne. Bangar.

  2. I think that perhaps it is because it's easier to create funny novelty penises than it is funny novelty vaginas. For some reason, people find it easier to laugh at a penis.

    It seems to me you ought to take a certain satisfaction from that...

  3. Bangar: Could you mean someone else? I'm not in Melbourne! I know after the JS debarcle that it's difficult to find people.

    Flint: Perhaps, perhaps...

    Mick: Hooray! I'll just head on over to yours!

  4. Maybe all the people runnig the novelty companie are men?