Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Man, Small Bike

I'm thrilled to be cycling again, although you do see some strange cyclists on the roads.

Like the woman who I sometimes see cycling on a pastel green, fashionable bike. Her cycling outfit is often a dress with strappy sandals. She wears her helmet on the handlebars - I suppose it must mess with her hair otherwise. Silly moo.

The other day I was cycling behind this brick of a man. He was like a caricature of the circus strongman. His legs were like tree trunks and his torso a barrel of muscle. I marvelled at the strength of his bike - how on earth did it support him? I kept expecting the frame to buckle under his enormity.


  1. Sounds like he has a torso like mine (or not!)

  2. Hey now, my bicycle supports me! They are strong machines....

    I can't imagine wearing a helmet while bicycling. I see people wearing their little "streamlined" lids and think they look like proper twits. Ditto for Spandex, which should be restricted to a very small part of the populace!

  3. I am all for the helmet thing, better to look a twit than brain damaged or dead for not wearing one!

  4. We have to wear safety helmuts because it's the law.

  5. If I was to ride in traffic I'd wear one (you can't always control your fall if you've been clipped), but otherwise I hate wearing one, law or otherwise.

  6. Lerm: erm, yes, well...

    Scrib: I'd take my bike helmet over a scrambled brain thanks very much! And it's illegal to go without one.

    Stu: Agreed!

    Kate: It's law here too.

    Bangar: It's hard to control your fall regardless of whether you are in traffic or not - otherwise you wouldn't fall! I have fallen while stationery, so a helmet is a great idea for me!

  7. Brain damage? I'd never notice....