Monday, March 2, 2009

"Back" in Business...

Or "back" to normality? Oh, so many back jokes, so little time!

I'm on the mend and did a full week pf work last week. I even cycled into work and "back" (see, I can't help myself!) on Friday.

Things are not 100% though. I'm still in pain and it's tough. I feel for people who have chronic pain, to not have that hope that the pain will go away.

On the positive side, it's been interesting to learn that only a few of my back muscles do the work for the whole torso. Come on you lazy abs etc, work damn it!

Even my walking is propelled by the hips. When my physio tried to correct my stride, I told her she was ruining my "signature walk". Aparently you're not supposed to sway your hips. Who would have thunk it?

I'm starting pilates this week at the physio. It's supposed to help strengthen your core torso muscles. I'm secretly hoping that it will get rid of my little pot-belly... preferably within two weeks before I fly up to Noosa for a friend's wedding.... Finger's crossed!


  1. Glad the back is on the mend.

    As for weight loss I had to add an extra hole to my belt to take up the slack and I'm not even dieting!

  2. Kettlebells are fantastic for core muscle work too.

  3. Lerm: Was that an unintentional back joke?

    Mr-Stu: How did you do that?!

    Flint: Are Kettlebells like Kettlechips? Sadly, I'm guessing not.

  4. My car broke and I had to walk, I actually got of my arse and did some exercise for once!

  5. Mr-Stu: Ahhhhh.

    Kate: Ta!

    Lerm: And here I was, sure that you would comment on the "pubic symphysis" portion of the picture.

  6. It is the pubic syphillis that I'm more familiar with! j/k!!!