Monday, March 9, 2009

Bird Poo = Queezy

I'm fairly sure a bird pooed in my mouth on the cycle home tonight. ARG - A BIRD POOED IN MY MOUTH!

I was cycling along a busy, tree lined, four lane road at quite a pace (to avoid being side-swiped and mowed down by cars) and I felt this wet thing hit my lips. I assumed, because it had been raining, that it was a fat drop of rain falling from trees. But it didn't taste so good..... I immediately spat it out.

When I came to a halt, I wiped my mouth with the back of my glove and IT WAS WHITE.

There was a fairly virgorous rinsing of the mouth when I got home.


  1. There are so many ways to go when responding to this post! I'll leave you with the following thought - Jodie Foster & Hannibal Lechter. Bird Poo sounds more appealing!!!

  2. Errrrmmmm...speechless, here!

    *takes his unfinished breakfast and bins it*

  3. Back to the subject of hotels, one I stayed in that was very nice last summer during some training was the
    ( I can't do hyper links yet!)

    A lot cheaper than the other two you mentioned and they have their own bars and places to eat and have hotels all over the country. This is where I always stay when travelling if possible.

    As for the bird shit....YUCK

  4. Ewwww... still, better than a bee. That nearly killed me!

    Have you thought about joining that Accor premium club thing? They have hotels all over and you get discounts on meals as well as rooms and so on, plus upgrades on room type on some occasions.

  5. Lerm: I don't know, it's a close call!

    Scrib: Sorry, should have posted a warning!

    Stu: I've booked with the Crowne Plaza Deansgate because a friend of mine works for Inter-Contintenal hotels and passed along her discount to me. Score! Result, very cheap hotel room in very plush hotel!

    Tray: See above!