Saturday, March 21, 2009


Noosa was very interesting. The main drag is Hastings Street, which like Double Bay or Mosman dumped in the tropics. It's OK if you like that kind of thing - it has some funky bars and lovely shops.

We were staying about 5 minutes drive away in Noosaville, on the Noosa River, which was much quieter but still had tonnes of fantastic restaurants and things to do. It really is ideal for a relaxing weekend and it's great for families.

Our resort had three swimming pools in a tropical setting, so we swam every day. I bit the bullet and bought a tankini (sob) on Hastings Street. It's very cute. I have decided I feel more comfortable without the little potbelly on disply. Sigh.

It was safer than swimming in the ocean which was polluted with oil from the striken Pacific Adventurer, caught in Cyclone Hamish. The surf at Coolum Beach, on the way to Noosa from the airport, was a rust-brown froth. On the way back to the airport, four days later, it was all clean with people swimming in the water. Great effort from the clean-up crew.

Noosa is a very strange mix of redneck, hippy and wealthy.

We drove up from the airport (in our hire car, a light blue Kia we called "Misty" which was the shitest car ever) and parked up for lunch. The car next to us had the bumper-sticker "Australia: Love it or Leave it". A nice, thinly veiled racist statement.

What does that mean anyway? You have to love that car driver's take on Australia or get out? You have to love every part of Australia or get out? In that case, the car driver's got to love the immigrants because they're part of Australia too. Moron.

Then, a few days later, I saw a woman get out of car, the back of her t-shirt riding up slightly to reveal a swastika tramp stamp! And I don't think it was the Hindi version either. Rednecks!

Having said that, just about everyone we came across was really nice and laid back. And the surrounding bushland was beautiful. We went on a couple of bush walks. One was on Noosa Headland where we followed a track to a beach. Unfortunately it was a nudist beach, something we didn't realise until we got there!

Why is it always middle aged men with fat bellies who are the nudists? Why no young chiseled gods? Ewwww. We continued walking to the next track!

On our last day in Queensland, we climbed to this lookout in the Noosa hinterland, which gave 360 degree views over the Sunshine Coast:


  1. looks purty!

    At one time, there were "America -- Love it or Leave it" stickers showing up here. The message was not racial or anti-foreign, but was aimed at those who lived here, enjoyed the benefits, and professed (loudly) to hate the nation.

    I wouldn't know how it is in Noosa, though. Or Noosaville, Noosa City, Port Noosa, Noosa Bay, Lake Noosa....

  2. I had to look up what a tankini was because I am so out of the fashion loop I had no idea, how sad am I.

    There are racists people wherever you go no matter what part of the world you are in.

    Glad you had a great time, we have hired the basic of basic cars in the past and always regretted them, but they are only for a few days and you can give them back afterwards!

  3. Scrib: It's definately a racist statement. If complaining about your country is "unAmerican" or "unAustralian" then that's just taking away your freedom of speech. There are things I don't like about Australia, and I should have a right to speak about it. Just like banning those stickers is a loss of freedom of speech. People should be able to say what they like, but there really is no accounting for stupidity. Rant over.

    Stu: Your wife would have known! I think it's an Aussie thing really. And I think hire cars give you a good indication of what not to buy!