Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Commando Kitty Smalls!

I came home the other day to this sight:

I think she'd been sitting under a car when a large drop of oil fell on her. It did make her look rather jungle commando kitteh though:

She got a good scrub down that evening, which she did not appreciate!


  1. Hmm. Another cat-washer. Mind you, I suppose letting her wash herself cat-fashion would have been a little toxic. Still, the only time I've ever washed a cat, it was because the little motherf__ker had ringworm. Contagious little bastard... combine that with a crowded sharehouse lifestyle, you get the kind of outbreak that Dustin Hoffman has nightmares about - if you saw that movie.

    So yeah. I washed the cat. Once.

    Small cat. Took four of us. One for upper legs, one for back legs, one for the head, and one to actually wash the bastard. And we were all bleeding heavily afterwards.

    I don't wash cats.

  2. Flint: We've washed bits of her only twice. Once when she'd been given an enema at the vets and shat herself on the way home. And this time we just washed the top of her head with some gentle facial cleanser and water. It would not have been good for her to try and clean it off herself!

    Kate: And she knows it!

  3. Not even attempted this little escapade yet because it sounds just a bit to dangerous for me, may be corner him and turn the hosepipe on.