Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There's a monster storm brewing in Sydney tonight. Walking home from pilates tonight I could see sheet lightning every minute mainly from the west. It's rumbling slowly towards us.

Easter is over and facing work this morning was a bit depressing.

We went to a friend's birthday party on the Saturday night. It was at a suburban bar, which had great decor and would have been fantastic had it not been for the clientele (other than us of course!).

A large amount of them were definitely under age and on coke. They'd all dressed up to the nines but the effect was ruined by their gutter mouths and screaming.

The family of the birthday girl had an area cordoned off for the party. But people just kept sitting down in the area with a "so what?" reply when asked if they were aware it was a private party. The arrogance on display was amazing.

We still had a good time (the Bloke had to carry me up to bed when we got home because I'd had too good a time) but we wouldn't recommend the bar to anyone and won't be going back.

I just don't remember ever behaving like that when I was 16. The naughtiest was alcohol at house parties. Is this normal now?


  1. The place has changed for the bad all over the world although there are still good spots her and there. it is all down to the lack of respect that people have these days for each other.

  2. We get the same response when we turn economy passengers back from trying to use the first/business class lavs. They look at us like, "And?", so I point to the placard which says "First Class ONLY" and give them my snottiest smile if they're being arrogant. If you want to crap in First Class, pay for First class! hehe

  3. Lerm: You would have changed your mind if you'd seen the guys in their white suits and bad behaviour. Oh wait, hang on, didn't I see a photo of you in a white suit once?!!!

    Stu: It's the "me" attitude.

    Tray: Yeah! Good on you Tray! Send 'em back!