Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yay for Long Weekends!

Slowly getting over the flu. This one's been a real energy sapper. I think it's the sudden change in weather. We all put our clocks forward one hour on Sunday for the end of daylight savings, and on Monday it was freezing!

I love winter. Well, an Aussie winter that is. It's still warm enough to enjoy a clear, crisp day without it being so cold you have to hide indoors.

Kitty Smalls is also deciding the indoors is preferable these days. Mind you, that could be because she's getting older.

Planning for the Great European Trip is still underway. We will probably spend two nights in London. Anyone got any hotel recommendations? Must have king sized bed and, hopefully without sounding too princess-like, be around the four-star mark and not in a dodgy area. I'm thinking of booking through a last minute website to get a good deal while we're in England. You can get some real bargains.


  1. No idea about London hotels, I would check the review sites first for suggestions. A few posts back you said you were staying at the Crowne Plaza on Deansgate, because the only one I know is the new one on Shudehill.

    An Aussie winter is great as you just have to wear a t-shirt all the time as it is never to cold.

  2. Stu: Yeah, the Shudehill one. That's where we're staying. I got mixed up with the Hilton.