Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kenyan Mischief

Some weekends are quietly lazy and some are.... instances where you end up partying with a bunch of Kenyans!

This particular Kenyan had just become an Australian citizen. So, in true Aussie style, he and his Aussie girlfriend (whose birthday it was) had a bbq with the dress up theme of "bogan". The Bloke went as a Swannies player with the vest, scarf and barber pole socks. I just tucked my skinny jeans into a pair of uggies and displayed my whale tail.

The party boy alternated between a full kangaroo costume:

and, later on in the night when much drink had been taken, "Shaniqua" - consisting of a boob apron (apron with huge fake boobs on - don't ask me why) with a long haired wig. He looked.... erm, scary but hilarious. And no, I'm not posting that picture!

But Kenyan dance/rap music is the best! All us white girls were completely out-manourvered by the Kenyan chicks (apart from the party boy's gal who can shake it with the best of them).

We partied until the early hours of the morning and awoke the next day with cracking hangovers. The mark of a successful night out!


  1. Sounds like a pretty solid sort of a night out - did anyone go the full bogan and throw up on their partner?

  2. Is wearing that 'roo costume required as part of becoming a citizen?

  3. I thought the kangaroos are being culled down there right now,

    Glad for the links never heard of any of those words before!

  4. That's f__king brilliant, and so inelegantly, perfectly Australian from go to whoa that it gives me a little hope for our ability to deal with other cultures while retaining some kind of identity as a people of this island nation. Your Kenyan comrade and his personal community need their own goddam reality TV show so we can educate other sectors of the population - of all colours and origins.

  5. Damn! I live in the same suburb with a large Sudanese population and they never party that hard. *sighs*

  6. Lerm: Good question, I'm sure it did happen at some stage. I'll get the goss this weekend.

    Tam: Erm, yeah. Party boy is actually very good looking, but I did not think he would appreciate his face plastered all over the intenet.

    Scrib: Yep - when you go to the ceremony, all you see is rows of kangaroos.

    Stu: I thought you had an Aussie wife! Has she not been learning you proper?

    Flint: It was a bit of a mini-UN that evening with loads of people from different nations. We met some brillant and lovely people and got trashy with everyone!

    Nat: It was one of those 2am (ish) nights where eveyone just ends up mellow, outside, drinking and talking bullsh*t. Love those nights!

  7. She is a posh Aussie and doesn't know any of those words and she is a bush girl as well.