Saturday, April 4, 2009


Sick. Not the snotty, coughing sick, but the achy flu and temperature sick.

The Bloke and I were meant to go out for dinner to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, but got home on Friday night and was too poorly to do anything other than collapse on the couch. Useless. He went out with some friends instead and I got a nice, quiet night to myself. It was a win-win. We'll go out dinner next weekend.

It's when you're sick that you most appreciate your bed. God it was good to sink into bed. Apart from the little shits in the rental place several doors down who have been playing rap music every single weekend with the volume at 11.

I don't mind the occassional large night - we've been more than guilty of parties at ours. Every once in a while the neighbours have a big one too and you don't begrudge that.

But every weekend? Geeze. It's the kind of thudding bass that seems to penetrate the walls too. They can't be more than 18 years old. First time out of home and really revelling in their freedom. I'm sure someone will tell them where to stick it sooner or later.

Aside from the little shits and their music, I've been asleep for most of the day. I love my bed!


  1. I love my bed (aka the workbench) so much that I am seriously thinking about buying another one for the lounge room and ditching some arm chairs.

    Hope that you feel better soon & congrats on the 2 years

  2. I hope you feel better today! (the noise would seriously annoy me)

  3. It's just a good job that you never caught man flu, then you would of suffered big time!

    As for your problem neighbours, you can lend my kids the day after they have had one of their parties to play outside in the garden, then they will now the meaning of pain!

  4. Lerm: Erm, yes, well....

    Kate: Still not better.

    Stu: Someone started playing Abba really loudly the next morning in revenge. Lol.