Friday, April 17, 2009

European Trip - Kimmywoo the Travel Agent

I'm eating a left-over laksa on this Saturday lunch-time and finalising our accommodation for our European trip in May. The Bloke has gone to the Swans game with a group of mates, leaving me in peace to get the last details wrapped up.

We fly into London on the Qantas A380 (in premium economy - hooray!) and spend a couple of days with my sister and her fiance in Windsor - can't wait to see her again as the last time they were over here was for Christmas.

We're then meeting friends in Stratford-upon-Avon and staying in an old converted castle. I love that about Europe - the historic buildings. In comparison, the oldest buildings in Australia are 200 years old.

We'll also visit Mr Stu's stamping place of Manchester. We've got heaps of friends who live in and around the area, so we have a couple of days there. I've heard the shopping there is good too! The Bloke mutters under his breath and rolls his eyes every time I mention the shopping potental!

We'll then meet the Bloke's family in the Lake District, where he grew up, for a week of walking and pub meals. I love the Lakes - they're just stunning and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Following a family week, we're meeting friends in Glasgow for a night out on the toon! I'm hoping it's not too big a night though, because the next day we fly to the south of France for a week.

The week in France was one of the first things I organised. We're close friends with a couple who are also going to Europe at the same time as us - and taking their 18 month old boy! We were all keen to have a bit of time together, so we've rented a large converted farmhouse with a pool, in the middle of the French countryside. The photos of the place look amazing. There'll be six Aussie (and a child!) and we're going to go to the markets, the wineries and generally eat and drink ourselves stupid! Can't wait! I hope it's warm enough to swim.

The Bloke is keen to show us around the area because he used to go on holidays there with his family when he was a kid. Luckily he speaks French as we're relying on him to be our translator and spokesman for everything! Sacre blu!

We'll fly into Edinburgh after our glutinous week in France then onwards to the Bloke's parents for a few days.

One of the nicest things about the trip is that, following our stay at the Bloke's parents' house, we'll drive down to Cambridge and spend two nights there. Apart from the fact that Cambridge is pretty damn spectacular, it's where the Bloke and I met.

We weren't there as students, but were working at a hotel there. In fact, the Bloke hired me for the job of valet parking cars (for a position beneath him as he likes to joke whenever the story is told - haw, haw). I was travelling Europe in my gap year and the Bloke was working three jobs. We were pretty poor then and it'll be nice to go back and stay in a luxury hotel and reminisce.

And that's pretty much our four weeks in Europe. I wish we were going tomorrow!


  1. I visited Cambridge a couple of years ago when Mrs Stu's family came over and we toured the South of England and it was great exploring all the old buildings and universities and shopping at the market there.

    There are lots and lots of shops in Manchester, just a minutes walk from your hotel you are staying at, there is also the cinema and an IMAX as well. The museums are great and the bonus is they are all free these days which is a bonus. The Art Museum is a particular good one and we go there a few times a year to see the different exhibits and Little G loves it there.

    Just hope your flying into France and not taking the ferry as The French, blockaded the ports again this week to stop all ferry travel!

    A380 wow, when I come over this summer/winter I have to put up with the A340, but as long as it flies and gets us there who cares!

  2. Stu: Thanks for the tips! Especially the shopping tips :). And yes, we're flying to France. Otherwise it would be a 12 hour drive or somesuch! It's good that you're going Emirites because they fly out of Manchester don't they? I think they're one of the only ones who fly that route.

  3. Nice trip planning, Kimmy! I wanna go too!

    I'll be eager to hear about your A380 experience...I keep thinking loading and unloading one of those puppies must be roughly like evacuating a city.

  4. Scrib: Living under a flight path, I see them overhead occassionally and they are MASSIVE! It'll be interesting to be a passenger.

  5. sounds marvellous. I will miss you but do have a great time. I expect lots of photos too.

  6. Tam: I am taking my mini-laptop so I may be able to do a little blogging on the trip.

    Kate: Fingers crossed!

  7. I'm taking SQ's A380. We should do a comparison :P

    Sounds like a great trip!